Katerina Newell (Dohnalova)

C4.245 +31 20 525 5793

Nano-materials for light and energy

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Ankit Goyal

single-dot spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, mechano-chemistry (shared with Prof. P. Schall)

PhD students

Chia-Ching Huang

correlative optical and atomic force microscopy, nanomaterials assembly

Susan Ritger

Synthesis and microscopy of novel perovskite materials (shared with Prof. E. Garnett, AMOLF and Prof. Peter Schall, UvA)


Laurens de Haan

Simon Ilic

Jasper Lankhorst

Bram van der Linden

Mario van Rooij

Former members

Bart van Dam

single dot spectroscopy, quantum yield (PhD student)

Sidoeri Dekker

quantum yield, single dot spectroscopy (MSc student)

Menno Demmenie

correlative force micro-spectroscopy, perovskites (MSc student)

Emanuele Marino

nanomaterials assembly (PhD student; co-supervisor)

Yvo Mudde

quantum yield methodology (MSc student)

Hui Nie

silicon nanocrystals synthesis (post-doc; Spectris-dot B.V.)

Jonathan Wilbrink

silicon nanomaterials synthesis (researcher, Spectris Dot BV)