Newell-Dohnalova Lab

In our "Nanomaterials lab", we research novel types of nanomaterials with properties interesting for use in optoelectronics, photonics, photovoltaics, sensors and bio-imaging. We design and simulate novel complex nanomaterials using density functional theory (DFT); We synthesise such nanomaterials by chemical and mechano-chemical methods; and we measure optical, electronic and structural properties of nanomaterials on the nanoscale and single-particle level by a correlative optical-atomic-force-microscopy setup with spectral and time-correlated detection. Our current focus is on non-toxic, yet functional nanomaterials composed of Earth-abundant elements for a more sustainable future.

DFT study: Band structure engineering of Si nanocrystals towards more efficient emission

Katerina Newell (Dohnalova)

Nano-materials for light and energy