Katerina Newell (Dohnalova)

C4.245 +31 20 525 5793

Nano-materials for light and energy

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Mark Golden

C4.236, D0.120 +31 20 525 6363

Photoelectron spectroscopies of quantum matter

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Jorik van de Groep

C4.245 +31 20 525 5793

2D Nanophotonics

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Erik van Heumen

C4.245 +31 20 525 5749

Far and near field optical spectroscopy of quantum matter

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Yingkai Huang

C4.239 +31 20 525 6337

Crystal growth of correlated materials

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Anne de Visser

C4.235 +31 20 525 5732

Magnetic, thermal and transport experiments in quantum electron matter

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Jasper van Wezel

C4.260 +31 20 525 5746

Theory of quantum materials

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Affiliated Staff

Herman Durr


Paul Planken



Ananya Ghatak


PT symmetry, non-Hermitian topology, mechanical metamaterials

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Ankit Goyal

single-dot spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, mechano-chemistry (shared with Prof. P. Schall)

Corentin Morice


Topological insulators, quantum criticality, superconductivity, nanomaterials, black hole analogues

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PhD students

Stephan Bron


near-field spectroscopy of correlated matter and plasmonic materials

Xuanbo Feng


Optical spectroscopy of correlated matter

Ludovica Guarneri

Tunable atomically-thin optical metasurfaces

Jans Henke

C4. 273b

Charge order and topological materials

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Chia-Ching Huang

correlative optical and atomic force microscopy, nanomaterials assembly

George Kanoutas


Joris Kattemölle

CWI - L230

Decoherence free subspaces, superdecoherence, quantum variational eigensolvers

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Jelle Lorenz

Room: D0.120 Tel: +31 20 525 5758 (lab)

Strongly correlated topological materials (TOPCORE program)

Lotte Mertens

C4. 273b

Quantum state reduction, black hole analogues

Aritro Mukherjee

C4. 273b

Quantum state reduction, decoherence

Susan Ritger

Synthesis and microscopy of novel perovskite materials (shared with Prof. E. Garnett, AMOLF and Prof. Peter Schall, UvA)

Marc Salis

Room: D0.120 Tel: +31 20 525 5758 (lab)

Topological superconductors

Steef Smit



Silvia Cassanelli

Kian Goeloe

Tunable monolayer WS2 nanoscale photodetector

Laurens de Haan

Florian Heringa

Tom Hoekstra

Tunable monolayer WS2 nanoscale photodetector

Simon Ilic

Jasper Lankhorst

Bram van der Linden

Alex McCabe

Mario van Rooij

Vera Schild

Technical support

Guoyong Zhang

Former members

Ayako Ohmura

high pressure expert; visiting prof. Niigata Univ.

Bart van Dam

single dot spectroscopy, quantum yield (PhD student)

Sidoeri Dekker

quantum yield, single dot spectroscopy (MSc student)

Menno Demmenie

correlative force micro-spectroscopy, perovskites (MSc student)

Floris Gerritsen

Fumihiro Ishikawa

high pressure expert; visiting prof. Niigata Univ. (Japan)

Huaqian Leng

PhD 2020 Experimental investigation of topological superconductors

Emanuele Marino

nanomaterials assembly (PhD student; co-supervisor)

Yvo Mudde

quantum yield methodology (MSc student)

Hui Nie

silicon nanocrystals synthesis (post-doc; Spectris-dot B.V.)

Artem Nikitin

PhD 2017 On the phase diagram of the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe and other unconventional superconductors

Yu Pan

PhD 2016 Topological insulators and superconductors

Roel Sluiter

Jonathan Wilbrink

silicon nanomaterials synthesis (researcher, Spectris Dot BV)

Tran van bay

PhD 2014 Experimental investigation of potential topological and p-wave superconductors