Magnetic field-boosted superconductivity

Featured review in Physics Today by Anne de Visser.

Tenure track position Condensed Matter Theory

Join the quantum materials cluster on a new position with focus on ab-initio or related computational methods. The position will boost Quantum Materials research in Amsterdam and connects to current experimental research in the Amsterdam Quantum Materials cluster, and complementing ongoing efforts within the Amsterdam Condensed Matter Theory group.

DFT study: Band structure engineering of Si nanocrystals towards more efficient emission

Our new publication in Chemistry of Materials on "how to enhance radiative rate in silicon nanomaterials" and how to further improve DFT simulations of indirect band-gap nanomaterials

Exciton resonance tuning of an atomically thin lens

Exciton resonances in monolayer 2D semiconductor can be used to realise large-area atomically-thin lenses with a tuneable intensity in the focus.

Near-field imaging of metal insulator transitions

Scattering type scanning near-field optical spectroscopy enables us to image local variations in the optical properties of materials with nanometer scale resolution.